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Our company, KOVILL Electrical Network System Design and Installation LLC, was established in the summer of 2003. The company was established by the company’s founders based on their expertise and experience gained in public electric construction expertise.

Main activity:

In recent years, our main activities were reconstruction of buildings, public areas and technological installation work of electrical cables. Our building activities and operations are primarily carried out in Pest County and Budapest. Our plan is to fill a major role in other regions of Hungary.


Our company emphasizes on defining our customers based on target groups. It means for us that our customers’ needs are handled individually and exclusively.

Main features of our service standards:


Key partners:
- ELMŰ, Inc.
- GA Magyarország, LLC
- SAG Hungária, LLC
- Synus Telecom, LLC
- Siemens, Closed Corporation

In order to meet the quality expectations of our customers, the company’s management system continuously develops service quality on the highest level. ((ISO 8001, ISO 14001) We plan to implement ISO 28001:2008 work, health, and safety management system as well.

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